The Middy Trading Company Limited (MTC) is a separate organisation that supports the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Company Limited (MSLR). While the MSLR is a registered charity whose aim is to preserve Mid-Suffolk and British railway heritage, demonstrating this with museum displays and the operating of trains, the MTC is a commercial company whose activities are aimed at raising money to support the MSLR.

The MTC has a separate management team from the MSLR, though all are usually members of the latter as well. The MTC is a company limited by shares (company number 3532918).

The main income areas for the MTC are sales from the railway’s shop, refreshment room and bar (which it operates on behalf of the MSLR), from talks on the history of the MSLR which it gives to local groups and from ticket sales on some operating days.

Each month the MTC supports the MSLR by making a financial donation from its own funds.