Model wagons

The MTC occasionally commissions special OO gauge model wagons which replicate some of the vehicles seen on the original MSLR and other railways in East Anglia. They are all limited edition and are produced specially for the MTC by Dapol Ltd.

This year the MTC is pleased to announce its 17th specially-commissioned wagon, with only 90 produced in the first run.

2016 MTC wagon

2016 MTC wagon

It is based on a four-plank coal wagon owned by the Mid- Suffolk Light Railway Company. The livery was slightly unusual in as much as the ‘S’ and ‘U’ in SUFFOLK were centrally placed on the middle door. This can be seen on photographs in the Peter Paye book about the railway. The company had 16 of these wagon which were used for the conveyance of coal on the line and to destinations on the Great Eastern Railway.

The wagon is supplied as standard with a coal load and is only available in pristine condition.

2015 MTC wagon

2015 MTC wagon

Our 2015 wagon, of which only 210 were made, is based on that of a seven-plank coal wagon owned by Coote & Warrent Ltd, based in St Ives, Huntingdonshire and London also with t
heir own wagon manufacturing and repair works in Peterborough. The company, founded in 1853 by Thomas Coote as coal merchants, amalgamated with F Warren & Co in 1908 to form Coote & Warren Ltd.  A major player in the transportation of coal by rail,  its wagons could be seen throughout East Anglia and North London up until nationalisation of the railways in 1948. A photograph of two of their wagons at Kenton can be seen on page 152 of Peter Paye’s book on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway.

The wagon is supplied as standard with a coal load which can be removed if desired by removing the screw underneath the wagon, inserting a thin bladed knife midway along the edge of the wagon and gentle prising the load out.

The wagon features the NEM coupling pockets with the small type coupling and each box contains a numbered limited edition certificate.

This wagon are available in pristine and weathered condition, so please specify which style of wagon you would like. Prices are the same for both types.

Both wagons are available at £11.00 each from our on-site shop or by mail order at £14.50 for one, £26.10 for two and £40.00 for three. This includes postage and packaging. Please include a cheque made payable to ‘Middy Trading Co. Ltd.’   Please specify pristine or weathered, if applicable. If you do not specify the type of finish we will assume you want a pristine model.

Mail order address: Middy Trading Co Ltd, 5 Melton Meadow Rd, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1SB