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The shop sells replica models, books and toys relating to rail memorabilia. Visit us and have a browse of our extensive range.

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New Limited Edition William H. Booth 4 – plank wagon

The Middy Trading Company, the fundraising arm of the Mid Suffolk Light Railway Museum, is pleased to announce that their 23rd Limited Edition Special Commission ‘OO’ wagon is now available. The design of our Special Commission wagons is based on those which ran on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway between Haughley and Laxfield as well as elsewhere in East Anglia. A production run of 151 models have been produced by Dapol Ltd for the MiddyTrading Co Ltd and we guarantee no further models of this wagon with this running number will be produced for us.

The livery is based on that of a 4-plank coal wagon owned by William H. Booth, coal factors and merchants of Ipswich. Formally Booth & Mitchell until 1907 the company was dissolved in April of that year leaving Booth to trade under the name of William H. Booth & Co. The company had premises in Princes Street Ipswich and a coal depot in Ipswich Lower Yard supplying stations in the area up until the late 1920’s. The model is numbered 704 in the Booth fleet and is in a similar livery to the previous Booth wagon number 701 produced for us in 2008.

Although the livery is based on an authentic wagon, the use of mass produced standard wagons mean that model is a compromise between true authenticity and the need to keep costs down. The wagons feature the NEM coupling pockets and are supplied with a removeable coal load. Each wagon is supplied with a numbered limited-edition certificate. Wagons are available in pristine or weathered condition and prices are the same for either version.

Other Wagons

Christie & Son 5 – plank coal wagon

Mid Suffolk No. 14 wagon, but only in pristine condition.

We have had a small quantity of the Hornby ‘OO’ LNER Toad Brake Vans, which was modelled on the wagon we have at the MSLR. However, at the time of writing all wagons have been sold. Further supplies are on order and will be available from the museum shop soon.

NB The TOAD will only be available directly from the shop and we will not be able to accept mail order requests.

Other Shop Items

We are very pleased to announce that the Middy Shop has obtained the exclusive right and existing stock for the sale of Peter Paye’s iconic book on the history of the MSLR – the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway. First published in 1986, this 216 page book is the recognised authority on the history of the line from inception to closure, covering personalities, the trials and tribulations of the route and final extent of the railway, its locomotives, rolling stock, buildings and all other aspects of how the Middy survived for half a century.

With numerous photographic and drawn illustrations, The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway is a ‘must have’ for anyone with an interest in the line and especially necessary for Middy modellers.

£21.95 to the general public or £20.00 to MSLR members. P&P included.


The shop has a large selection of new and used railway books so when next at Brockford pay us a visit and have a browse along the shelves. You will also find a selection of model railway accessories to compliment your layout together with the usual range of Middy branded goods. We also have us a full range of Thomas toys for our younger train enthusiasts.

We have a new sew on cloth badge depicting our own locomotive 1604 which is being rebuilt in the restoration shed. The badge is priced at £3.50.

A new feature for this year is a new section of second-hand books all of which are priced at just £1.00 each!

DVD ‘Railway to Nowhere’ is back in stock again after a long absence, it is priced at £9.50. It tells the story of how the railway started and its history since then.

The new and revised ‘The Middy Restored – the continuing story’, now expanded to 64 pages – full of facts and information about how the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway museum was started and gradually expanded to what we have today. The reference book that every Middy member should have on their shelf.

£5 from our shop or add £1.50 for postage and packing.

Wagon Mail Orders

Wagons can be ordered from Mike Smith, 5 Melton Meadow Rd, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1SB priced at one for £18.50, two at £33.50 or three at £48.50 to include postage and packaging. Please send a cheque made payable to ‘Middy Trading Company Ltd’.

Please specify ‘Pristine’ or ‘Weathered’. If you do not specify the finish, we will assume you want a ‘Pristine’ model.