MLSR  Destination Station Project – We’re getting there!

The MSLR track extension project more than doubles the length of the Middy to approximately 1km.

Now for the station!

The Middy have the line extension built, now we need the legal authority to run public trains along it. We are about to apply for a Transport & Works Act Order. Please send your message of support for this application to the Middy at

The plan to extend the Mid Suffolk Light Railway by another 500 metres more than doubles its operational length. This means the Middy will be able to give visitors vintage steam train rides lasting about 10 minutes once the extension has been completed.

The first major advance was the preparation and tidying of the Dovebrook area, which also included the building of a new footbridge to access both the station and picnic areas and the building of a new ramp from the Dovebrook platform to provide easy access for disabled visitors and an emergency exit if ever needed. This work was carried out by the Middy Infrastructure Team.

TES2000 the Middy’s (and Network Rail!) Contractors, carried out the heavy lifting beyond Dovebrook platform taking the line on to the climb to the final destination of Aspall Halt. 

With the track laying huge progress has been made and now we need the funds to build the platform – we already have the station building – and progress the application for the Transport & Works Act Order to allow us to run trains across the public footpath at the bottom of the climb to Aspall Halt.

The new section follows the existing track bed and will enhance the visitor experience of this unique Edwardian Railway by doubling the length of demonstration journey and giving passengers a ‘destination’ at Aspall Halt. The station construction is modelled on the old station at Wilby, which had the minimal building and facilities so typical of the original cash-strapped Middy.

This project will ensure the future of the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway as a Suffolk tourism attraction and a unique part of British Railway History

Extension & Enhancements for Mid Suffolk Light Railway

Aspall Halt Station

Help create the ‘destination’ at the end of the Middy

The Middy’s Sponsor-a-Sleeper Campaign was an important and successful source for raising funds to complete the track extension. Now we have our track and the next steps are to fund the station building and the Transport & Works Act Order to allow us to run ‘general public’ trains beyond the footpath crossing at the bottom of the incline up to Aspall Halt.

Previously donors were asked to sponsor sleepers and in return they received a certificate confirming their contributions. Now the main line track laying is completed, we propose to adapt the system for funding building the platform, station and other operational costs and to issue Aspall Halt Station Sponsor Certificates for each £20.00 contribution received.

If you would like to help this great project to secure the Middy as a national railway attraction and a major Suffolk tourist attraction, please visit our sponsorship page.