34th Bomb Group Exhibit sited at the Middy during 2024

In an exciting development a newly created exhibit to commemorate and honour the men of the USAAF 34th Bomb Group will be on display at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway from March 31st and will be open during normal Middy opening hours (10.30  – 16.30) whenever the MSLR Museum is open for the rest of the Summer season.

The 34th Bomb Group served with honour and distinction during WWII, embodying the unwavering spirit of resilience and determination that defined the Allied forces’ struggle for freedom. Deployed at RAF Mendlesham, the men of 34th BG showcased exceptional bravery and skill, contributing significantly to the disruption of the German war machine. Their relentless pursuit of victory was not without sacrifice; each mission marked a testament to their courage, with many paying the ultimate price for the cause of liberty. Through their achievements, the 34th BG etched their names into the annals of history, not merely as soldiers in the great Allied endeavour but as guardians of the peace and liberty we cherish today. Above: B-17 crew of the ‘Phyllis Marie’.

The MSLR Museum is pleased to include this exhibit during 2024, another excellent reason to visit the Middy.